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Geo the Maestro

Personal Information

Playing Music, Playing Piano, Watching TV(mainly Sports) teaching music, Composing Music, etc
Education, Family and Friends, Feeding my Spirit, Searching for truth and Loving others as I Love myself. Inspiring my students to their potential and caring for their wellness. Having big fun with my friends and promoting the greatest of American Institutions, Fisk University and all HBCU's
Favorite Music:
Piano Music (Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff) Old School R&B, Real Fusion Jazz, A little Be Bop
Favorite TV Shows:
The Wire, Dexter, ER, Law And Order, True Blood, Sportscenter, The Today Show,
Favorite Movies:
Godfather I & II, Casablanca, Anything by Spike, Bend of the River,
Favorite Books:
From Slavery to Freedom, Fraud of the Century, Ephesians, Isaiah, Invisible Man,
Favorite Quotations:
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow...
"Walking up and Down the Earth"!
"Woe is Me"!
"I am the Way, The Truth, and The Light, No one cometh unto the Father but by Me"!
"When its vain to try and Dodge it, Do the best the you can do. You may fail, but you may Conquer, See it Through"
"I have a Dream"
"That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that Government Of the People, By the people, and For the People, shall not perish from the earth,"
&"...But I didn't know until this day it was Barzini all along"
"Of all the Gin joints in all the world, she walks into mine"!br />
About Me:
I love having fun. I'll not suffer your bad attitude or disposition for long. I try to be very understanding, yet, I am highly critical of character. I will disconnect for periods of time. My creative process sometimes demands this. I am good in the clutch but sometimes the long haul is not for me.